The Easy Way to Buy Bitcoin

Where to Buy Bitcoin?

Why Use P2P Exchanges?

The Role of P2P Exchanges in the Crypto Industry

What is Paxful?

How does It Work?

Why We Like Paxful

Paxful is Simple and Fast

Paxful is Reliable

Paxful is Secure

  • KYC procedure: To make transactions on the platform, you must undergo a KYC procedure to verify your identity. This check aims to improve the security of the platform and reduce the probability of fraud in transactions.
  • Prompt support service: In disputable situations, the platform support service is responsible for the solution. This department of the company employs 80 people who speak multiple languages ​​and are in different time zones.

You Can Buy and Sell Gift Cards with Bitcoin

How Can You Buy Bitcoin on Paxful?

  1. Choose your preferred payment method
  2. Enter the amount of money you’re willing to spend
  3. Click buy Bitcoin now



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Nooor: Armenian Blockchain Association

Nooor: Armenian Blockchain Association

Nooor - Armenian Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization aimed to support the spread and integration of distributed ledger technology and product.