Nooor Talks with Jim Ballingal — Nooor Blockchain Armenia

1. Tell our community about yourself, your professional experience, and how you have entered the blockchain space?

2. What is your key to success in the IT industry? And what are the most interesting projects you have worked/ are working on?

3. Which blockchain, crypto project you can consider the most promising today?

4. The buzz around the CBDCs is growing rapidly. What is your idea about this concept? What is the vision for the upcoming 3–5 years?

5. We are all facing the challenges that the pandemic has exposed. What kind of strategies should companies apply in terms of digital transformation in the post-COVID19 world?

6. It’s interesting to know your thoughts about how tomorrow’s new technologies will drive change and spur innovation in our world.

7. As a 30-year IT veteran, what will be your advice to new generations?

8. What has been a source of inspiration for you to fulfill your initiatives?

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Nooor: Armenian Blockchain Association

Nooor: Armenian Blockchain Association

Nooor - Armenian Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization aimed to support the spread and integration of distributed ledger technology and product.