7 Gift Ideas for Crypto Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is finally upon us. Dear crypto lover couples, if you’re still struggling to find something extraordinary and unique, then this article is for you. Next, you’ll find the best gift ideas to surprise your significant other and make this Valentine that unforgettable one.

A Sum of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Socks

“One can never have enough socks.”

― Albus Dumbledore

Gift soft Bitcoin socks, keep your person warm and comfortable! Socks are always a good gift idea, but if your second half is a crypto enthusiast, then socks with Bitcoin print are much more on point. Your person won’t only feel cozy but also happy just by looking at small Bitcoins on the socks.

Bitcoin Hoodie

Bitcoin Cufflinks


Here are some of our favorite reads you can consider:

  1. “Blockchain revolution” — Don and Alex Tapscotts
  2. “The Future of Finance” — Henri Arslanian
  3. “Coinstory” — David Stancel

Blockchain Challenger or Solidity Course

We’ve got the best gift solution for you. Nooor has the ideal courses that you can get for your Valentine.

Give them the chance to level up their crypto and blockchain skills and ensure their career growth in this fast-growing sector.

The Ethereum and Solidity Development Course” is for those eager to become blockchain developers. “The Blockchain Challenger” will be a great fit for beginners. (Follow the links to know more about the courses). So you can fill out this form, and we’ll send a note to your loved one about the great gift you’ve got for them.

Confess Your Love on the Blockchain

Valentine’s day is a chance to make your special somebody feel completely special. So take this chance to show your partner that you care about their interests. Hope you got some cool ideas from this article and already know what to prepare for that beautiful day. Don’t leave everything to the last day!

Wishing you love and a very memorable Valentine’s day!

Originally published at https://nooor.io on February 10, 2021.

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